Sunday, 27 October 2013


I'm a huge fan of the actor Idris Elba

He's just been parading round with his co-stars at the premiere of his latest film 'Thor' and I watched him being interviewed on the red carpet.

Now this was all at night so therefore in total darkness, well after the sun had gone down. 

He was wearing sunglasses. 

Now before you scoff, I've been considering the fact that there are several rational reasons for why he was wearing sunglasses at night. For instance -

1. He suffers with eye pain under bright lights.
2. It was his tribute to Stevie Wonder.
3. He'd forgotten he was wearing them.
4. He has a contractual agreement with his agent who insists that he wears them to look cool.
5. He was suffering from temporary blindness.
6. He was hoping no-one would notice him.

Whatever the reason, I absolutely do not accept that he was wearing them because he was being a twit.

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