Sunday, 13 October 2013


It seems that vandalism and littering pays. 

I found myself driving along behind a van this morning which advertised its services as belonging to a company whose business was to recover abandoned shopping trolleys. 

Seemingly, there is a whole industry related to this activity. Furthermore, there is a big demand for the service since every year over one and a half million shopping trolleys are abandoned in the UK alone. 

Another whole industry revolves around cleaning chewing gum off pavements. So by littering in this way you are creating jobs for someone.

Its a similar story for removing graffiti from walls, toilets, bus shelters and the like. So daub away you hooligans - you are fuelling the economy.

There was always a rumour that some rogue glaziers might go round breaking the odd window or two to drum up business. 

So you do have to wonder, whether the employees of the companies mentioned earlier are ever tempted to have a night out on the town dropping chewing gum around, racing trollies about or writing on toilet walls to let us know the size of their dingle dangles.

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