Sunday, 20 October 2013


Cat Burglar
A burglar who is especially skilled at stealthy or undetected entry of a premises.

They may also be feline judging by the case of Norris A.K.A. 'Naughty Norris', a thieving and apparently slightly kinky  cat who has been prowling the Bedminster area of Bristol.

He has stolen items such as sports bras and boxer shorts which he then takes home to his owner, Richard. Richard is not prepared to act as a fence however, and has shopped his cat by trying to return the loot to the rightful owners.

There is also a case of a cat who smuggled a mobile phone into a Russian jail.

Criminal cats are branching out into the drug dealer's territory too it seems. 

In Moldova, which as you will no doubt know was formerly Russian and declared its independence in 1991, a cat has been trafficking drugs in jail

At least it wont have far to travel after being paw-printed and then sentenced.

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