Sunday, 6 October 2013


I spent today grand-parenting.

Emily is 16 months old. 

My duties involved amusing her, feeding her, reading to her, keeping her clean and tidy, changing her nappies and generally keeping her safe. I loved it all.

All this even though she isn't my child.

This was on the same day as a woman was found guilty of starving her own 4-year old son to death and then keeping his mummified body in a travel cot in her bedroom for almost two years.

Looking after dependant, defenceless children, nurturing them and loving them is a basic human instinct which we share with the entire animal kingdom.

I find it very difficult to understand when people are missing this characteristic - the more so when there are so many cases of it occurring.

If there is life after death I hope these children have the very best of it and remember nothing of their life with us.

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  1. Tony, I can't believe Emily is that old, where did that time go? I'll bet you both had a great day.
    Unfortunately we don't know what sort of parents some people are going to be until it's too late in some cases. Such a pity. Personally I believe these little ones have gone to a better life than they had on this earth.