Sunday, 13 May 2012


She was somebody's daughter, born and raised in the country but later she became a city dweller. 

She never went to school but her parents did a great job of teaching her what she needed to know in order to branch out. She was never jealous of the kids in school in fact she usually looked down on them. 

She knew all the basics necessary for getting by and if there was anything she was unsure of she would just wing it.

In time she found a partner to spend the rest of her short life with. He was a bit of a high flier and she sometimes struggled to keep up with him.

This was to be her undoing as on that fateful day, her partner dashed across the road. She had always trusted his judgement but he was so much quicker than her. 

I was the driver. In truth I was going a bit too fast. All I saw was a blur as her partner rushed across in front of me. I cursed him but was glad that I had managed to avoid hitting him. The last thing I expected was for her to follow but suddenly there she was. 

There was a crunch as she hit the top of the windscreen. I can only hope that she died instantly as her body bounced off the roof of my car to land lifeless on the road. 

I felt a huge pang of guilt. The only comfort I could find was that she was 'only' a pigeon.

thanks to Simon Howden for the image

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