Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I don't wish to be morbid but just how many light bulbs does it take to light me to my grave? Well it seems that the answer is one. 

Three different companies are about to launch a new light bulb which is set to last for more than twenty years which should see me out, judging by the statistics. 

What else would we like to last our lifetime? Well when I last bought my state of the art TV I was told it was 'future-proofed'. So when they brought out 3D versions I went back to the shop to ask for mine to be upgraded. Of course it turned out that 'future-proofed' didn't apply to 3D technology. Funny that. I must be losing my grasp of English.

Anyway, I can't resist a few light bulb jokes so here they are:

Q: How many Waiters does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None, even a burned out bulb can't catch a waiters eye

Q: How many Windows users does it take to change a 
light bulb? 

A: One. But they'll swear that it was JUST 

as easy as it would be for a Mac user. 
Q:  How many divorce lawyers does it take to change
 a lightbulb?

A:  3 - one to argue for the rights of the old lightbulb, one to 
argue for the rights of the new lightbulb, and one to
 argue for the rights of the light socket

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