Wednesday, 16 May 2012


As a writer - there I've said it - there is a constant fear of plagiarism. It's very hard to avoid. 

After all, we are the product of our experiences and how do I know whether my idea for a piece of writing is original or something remembered from a book I read ages ago? Even if I hadn't read it but simply thought about something independently which someone else has already written about (unbeknown to me) it would be said that I had copied it.

In these days of internet this and search engine that there is no hiding place. Here is the proof.

I thought I would come up with something totally original - so silly that no-one could possibly have written about it before. I thought - "Do ducks laugh?" Stupid isn't it? Then I 'Googled' it.

Unbelievably, someone  has written about the ducks in a pond at the bottom of his garden who seem to laugh every morning.

In addition, there are endless videos of ducks actually laughing (apparently). 

I tell you it's tough being a writer.

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