Sunday, 27 May 2012


One moment we're the wettest country in Europe and the next we're the hottest, driest and sunniest.

A few weeks ago a drought was proclaimed and a hosepipe ban introduced and that was the signal for days of heavy rain, floods and general misery.

Quite simply, our weather has gone nuts. The good news is that following the mayhem, Summer has arrived. 

I think of it as the sockless season. Suddenly the sock becomes as redundant as the woolly sweater for a while as sandals prevail and long may it continue.

There is nothing quite like sitting in the garden as the temperatures begin to cool in the early evening, a chilled glass of wine in hand and the smell of the neighbours' paraffin barbecue filling the nostrils. 

The English summer. Make the most of it, no doubt there will be blizzards in August the way things are going so far.

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