Wednesday, 23 May 2012


My first grandchild has decided to keep me waiting for a while. No problem. Unlike my dearly beloved I can do patience.

It has been funny to see how the mum-to-be has changed with respect to foodstuffs. I always knew that funny food fads were normal during pregnancy. Mothers-to-be were said to develop strange cravings for combinations like strawberries and bacon. 

Our own soon-to-be mum hasn't gone quite that odd but can't get enough chocolate at the moment. Where the weirdness does appear is in her sudden dislike to the smell of tea. When she enters the room she can tell at once if anyone within has drunk tea recently.

I have discovered that the reason for these changes is that during pregnancy, your senses of taste and smell change dramatically and go completely loopy. It is common to have foods which you normally love but which you can't bear the smell of when they are cooking. 

I wait with interest to see whether my grandchild will share any of these fads.

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  1. Couldn't have tea unless cavemen learned how to boil water while eating laughing duck