Sunday, 31 March 2013


I found myself recently having a solitary pub lunch in London. Nothing too extravagant. Just good old bangers and mash in a large yorkshire pudding with peas and gravy.

As is usual for me in such situations, I was giving the food my full attention so no newspaper or phone to distract me.

I gradually became aware of the two women sitting to my left who were deeply engaged in a slightly overloud conversation. Of course it was impossible for me not to listen in. 

As I shovelled a forkfull of peas into my mouth I heard:
'Did you use to smoke pot?'
'Of course. Didn't you?'
'Oh yes - all the time.' 

Half a sausage later there was...
'...and the men were so attractive I was always jumping in and out of bed with somebody or other.'
'I was the same. The sex was very good.'

So I had fetched up sitting next to a couple of ex-junkie nymphomaniacs!

The thing I found most amusing was that their conversation also revealed that one of them was 81 and the other 78. Grannies aren't what they used to be.


  1. And some things never change :)
    Happy Easter Tony.


  2. Love it! I think it's easy to forget the elderly were once young and "naughty" lol