Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I have a friend or rather, an aquaintance, who is a lovely chap. His name is Richard. I see him at the bridge club quite often and because he looks like a slightly older version of me I jokingly call him 'Dad'.

He takes it in good spirit because he shares my sense of humour. Knowing this, he often sends me joke emails. They are usually very funny but to be honest, there are usually far too many of them filling my inbox. 

I had a cunning plan. I created a special inbox and instructed my computer to divert all emails from Richard into it. This way I could peruse them at leisure.

I did this recently and found seven joke emails plus one marked 'my illness' which was dated 10 days ago. Sadly this one informed me (and others) that Richard was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks before.

Despite the sad news, Richard is upbeat about things and explains how he will be starting chemotherapy soon He also vows to fight it 'all the way'.

Last night at the bridge club, they announced that Richard had died. Today I deleted his special inbox. Then I went into my address book and pressed 'Delete contact'. 

If only there was a way to 'Undo'.  

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