Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Have you ever had an embarrassing meal with someone when for instance you suddenly notice that they've got spinach between their teeth and you don't know whether or not to tell them?

I recall that my wife was acutely aware on our first date that choosing the rack of ribs might not have been her best option in what was presumably an attempt to appear attractive to me as the grease dribbled down her chin.

Worse still, it might be the first time that you've dined together and you see that a friend's table manners leave a lot to be desired.  

I recall one such occasion when my 40 year-old friend Roger was eating an orange most of which was smeared round his mouth with the occasional squirt hitting my face or clothes.

Well I just had another such experience. Again, it was the very first time that she and I had been out for lunch together on our own. I soon discovered that she preferred using her fingers to any form of cutlery and like Roger, a great deal of it seemed to be settling around her mouth. I must admit to feeling a little embarrassed when I realised that some of her food had fallen on the floor. So much so that she was becoming the object of attention of other diners.

In the end though I made allowances for her. After all, she is only 9 months old. 

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  1. I have stains on several old shirts..Does that count???