Wednesday, 13 March 2013


As I've mentioned before - I'm a feeder. I get endless pleasure from watching the birds in my garden and sometimes the pleasure is doubled because my little granddaughter Emily sits quietly on my lap watching them with me.

What we've noticed is that the different types of birds display different characteristics.

There are the big fat bullying pigeons who strut about showing off and expecting the other birds to get out of their way but then flap off in alarm at the slightest noise because as we know, most bullies are cowards. 

The bossy blackbird thinks the garden belongs to him and chases off interlopers.

Then there's the thoughtful robin who bides his time, watching until a good moment comes to move in on the seed. He seems to know I'm a friend because he doesn't mind if I'm about.

The happy-go-lucky sparrows just go for it without a care.

Clever bluetits feed off the dangly bits which the larger birds aren't agile enough to reach

Collared doves strut their stuff as if they are on the catwalk modelling the latest feather fashions.

I rather hope Emily will grow up to be a robin. 


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