Sunday, 24 March 2013


I was very impressed on my recent visit to London, with the 'Boris bikes'. So-called after the Mayor. 

I was pleased to see that they are well-used and was intrigued by the clever system for securing them safely to deter thieves. They are also very robust to counter vandalism.

It reminded me of Amsterdam, city of canals and bicycles. There is one bridge there festooned with old bikes which have been padlocked to the railings and then abandoned. Did the owners drop dead before they could collect them or simply forget their padlock keys?

As a child I cycled everywhere. In those days, the world was a more innocent place. Nobody padlocked their bike when they left it. You simply adjusted the pedals so that you balanced the bike against the kerb in an upright position and left it safely parked there. It was always still there when you returned. 

Truly a time of innocence.

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